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Hello and, Welcome to “The Book Review”. On this blog, I review a broad range of books.

I have now published my latest book reviews for your education. After all, I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that it is good to be pre warned about a book to find out if it is approved by some kind review process prior to purchasing and spending your time in reading that book.

Anyway, it would be great if you would check out what I have written here. The most recent reviews are found at the beginning of this page.

On this bog, you will find a broad spectrum of books that I have reviewed. These might range from: –

Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad in nonfiction, through to fiction books such as Sharon Bolton’s: The Split

After you have checked out my reviews, be sure to return again. in the meantime, I’ll write additional overviews of books that you may like to buy.

Review: How To Pass Your Hair Follicle Drug Test

The book covers how the Macujo Method works and how the author’s specialized method, known as the Mike Macujo Method, can provide longer lasting and more guaranteed results. The traditional method only provides guarantees for low levels of Marijuana, but this new formula and method combined helps to protect ...
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Book Review: A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb

Once they have physical form again, these out-of-place souls have to deal with the families of the bodies they now are living in, the guilt they are still carrying and don’t understand, and their desire for each other. A Certain Slant of Light was published as Young Adult ...
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Review: A Simple Plan By Scott Smith

Should they keep the cash? Call the police? Scott Smith immerses his characters in this moral dilemma of a situation and lets us watch as the ostensibly reasonable plan they agree on leads inevitably, inexorably, to a string of tragic consequences. A Simple Plan is a perfect suspense ...
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Review: Corbenic By Catherine Fisher

He has been on a Welsh train all day, and, after falling asleep in the night, accidentally gets off at the wrong station. Except for a sign saying “Corbenic,” there is nothing there. After wandering around in the dark, Cal stumbles upon an upscale castle-like inn where he ...
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Review: Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself By Alan Alda

Alan Alda was moved to write his book: "Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself" as a means of answering a question. After nearly dying in a Chilean hospital in 2003, Alda began to wonder whether he had lived a meaningful life and to ask himself, ...
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Review: The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation By M. T. Anderson

Octavian Nothing, the son of an African princess, tells us the story of his childhood and adolescence spent among pre-Revolutionary American Enlightenment philosophers who are giving him a classical education. He is blissfully unaware that he is part of a research project they’re conducting. He is also unaware ...
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Review: Power Play By Joseph Finder

But once they've arrived at the lodge, professional backstabbing takes a back seat to more immediate dangers: a gang of dead-eyed hunters take the group hostage and demand an enormous ransom for their release. Like Joseph Finder's previous corporate thrillers, Power Play is laced with technical jargon, which ...
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Here's a little bit of info about me.

My name's Peter Bryant, I come from Bakersfield, California. I was born in Seattle and have just started this blog in the summer of 2021.

I provide high-quality reviews across a wide range of books.

Hope you enjoy!

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